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MAX_FAX Fax Server For QNX

The Qenesis MAX_FAX Fax Server is a complete system that will handle multiple lines, individual and batched transmissions, intelligent processing of received documents and detailed log files. Versions are available for QNX 2 and QNX 4.

The MAX_FAX Fax server can support many cards, both in the same system and throughout the network. No interrupts are required. The cards operates with group 3 fax machines throughout the world. MAX_FAX will send an ASCII document which can include cut pieces of a received fax for letterheads and signatures. It will retransmit a received document. Received documents can be automatically processed by your application (including recognizing specific senders) or printed on a variety of printers. The system will automatically retry sends which failed and allows delaying a transmission up to 24 hours to take advantage of long distance toll rates.

Advanced features of MAX_FAX allow flexible mail merge, which customizes multiple transmissions of the same document to different people. Twenty-six variables are supported. Included files may reference the variables and variables may be used to include different files. Different command line parameters can be used for each transmission, loaded automatically from fields of a flat file. A telephone number list allows MAX_FAX to call phone numbers by name. MAX_FAX can automatically detect local and long distance calls and dial accordingly, including special dialing to access 3rd party long distance providers.

The MAX_FAX system is based on a C-Tree database. Details of record structures are provided to allow developers requiring a high level of control to integrate MAX_FAX into their own products. Example C source is provided and technical support is available. Most developers do things the easy way, merely spawning sends with the system() function and let MAX_FAX handle the rest.

MAX_FAX currently supports the Hayes JT-9600B fax card which has U.S.A. FCC and Canadian DOC approval.

If you are interested in details of operation, read the manual.

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